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Anjali Abrol
Born Anjali Abrol
December 16, 1990 (age 22)
Jammu city Jammu and Kashmir,India
Occupation Actress
Years active 2008-Present

Anjali Abrol (16 December 1990) is an actress. She was born and brought up in Jammu and Kashmir. Anjali’s most famous role is as servant who falls in love with a prince in the series Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat (TV series)

Anjali Abrol is a person of considerable action. Anjali Abrol is never still. Anjali Abrol is always making plans and the thing Anjali Abrol can least tolerate is inactivity. Anjali Abrol have much self will, and the spirit of independence is firmly planted in Anjali Abrol Anjali Abrol resent the interference of others, perhaps more than Anjali Abrol should, and freedom is a quality Anjali Abrol prize very highly- freedom not only of action but also of thought.Anjali Abrol think out things that are original in character. These may take widely diverse forms. Anjali Abrol might invent some very ingenious contrivance or evolve a new method. Whatever it is, the world will be taken a step forward on Anjali Abrol’s account.There is no doubt that Anjali Abrol set great score on honesty, using the term in its widest sense. Anjali Abrol require Anjali Abrol’s friends to be honest in purpose, honest in speech, as well as in money affairs.Anjali Abrol’s greatest weakness lies in the way Anjali Abrol treat others. Anjali Abrol cannot tolerate inefficiency and Anjali Abrol is apt to consider those who do not see eye to eye with Anjali Abrol as being hopelessly beneath contempt. It would not be difficult for Anjali Abrol to cultivate a more charitable and tolerant view towards those who are likely to earn Anjali Abrol’s disapproval. At any rate, it is well worth trying.Expecting too much too soon, Anjali Abrol is under tremendous inner tension and are too stubborn to compromise. Extremely nervous, Anjali Abrol scatter Anjali Abrol’s energies by doing too many things at once and rarely complete anything, for there is always something new to discover. At later part of Anjali Abrol’s age, Anjali Abrol may experience migraine headaches and must learn to relax. Any sort of combined physical and mental discipline such as yoga is an excellent remedy.


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